Monday, March 30, 2009

Soccer, Bronze medals and more importantly friends.

Indoor soccer is officially over. This weekend we participated in Provincials. Three games in two days. My poor body is covered in bruises. All the games were close and we were one goal away from a silver medal but managed to come away with a bronze.

It’s been a hard season and not just on the soccer pitch. There have been a lot of trials. The year started with three dads suddenly passing away. Then our coach announced that his wife was dying of cancer. Shortly after that another teammates mother was diagnosed with cancer.

Last Tuesday our coaches’ wife passed away. We were at practice and before the night was through $120 had been donated towards a care package for the family. I am amazed by the generosity that exists on my team. Then came the idea for a memorial soccer game with the proceeds going to my coaches’ daughter for her education.

Even though a bronze medal is nice and will hang nicely on my dresser it is nothing compared to the friendship I have with these ladies. I know that if anything were to happen to me or my family they would be there with a plate of cookies and a listening ear.

What would we do without friends.


jessie said...

That is incredible that your team is so close and so good to one another. Your emotional ties and support are probably part of why you play so well together. That and raw talent, right? Are you going to play together again next season?

Holly Kennedy said...

All those losses, how sad. It seems everyone I speak with lately knows someone seriously ill.

But yes, in the midst of all that, it's nice to know one has friends like those you've described.

Patti said...

I've played with the same group for almost three years now. We go from indoor to outdoor all year round they are a great group of ladies.

I just got back from the funeral. It made me more aware of my time and what I do with it.

Heidi said...

I started reading this post just thinking how impressed I am that you are playing soccer, and how cool it is that adults still do that and don't leave it all up to the kids to have the fun.

And then I got to the rest.

Wow. I think maybe more than anything that is why adults do need groups like this. Real people who are real friends who are there when you need them.

You have a treasure in that group!

Patti said...

Heidi: thanks it's lots of fun to play and great motivation to try and stay in shape. It's a great team and I treasure every game.