Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm so excited

Okay I usually don't post twice in one day but shortly after I posted my first comments of the day I found out that I won a copy of Aprilynne Pike's book Wings, which comes out in May. I'm so excited.

Now my week if off to a better start.


Holly Kennedy said...

Congrats on winning the ARC of Wings. Aprilynne is a sweetheart.

Re: your earlier post below... breathe. Also, consider this. There's no deadline for your query to be perfect and ready to go. Same with the first couple of chapters. If you need 2-3 more weeks that's perfectly fine. The publishing industry isn't going anywhere.

P.S. I think it might be best if we pushed our lunch until next week, that way you'll have more time to finish the rewrite of your front end.

Anonymous said...


I hardly ever win contests, even though I'm constantly entering them :P Congrats!