Thursday, March 5, 2009

Random Thoughts

I wish I could attach a computer to my head, especially at night. It seems ideas are so organized in my brain but when I go to write them down they get lost in translation.

Is the second book in a series harder to write? I think it might be.

I had fun writing the first book because I didn’t know what was going to happen. I didn’t do an outline. I had a basic plot and that was it. Some of my best ideas just popped into my head. Although my first version barely resembles my current.

For the second book I actually have to have an outline and I’m finding that it’s not as much fun writing what you know is going to happen. That’s why right now my second book only has two chapters.

I have a new WIP that I'm excited about and unlike my first book I have a title for this one.

I saw this on the FFF site and it made me laugh. The blog was on some reasons why agents might turn down your book.

The quote was from a writer who had received a “it’s great, but not for me” rejection. He likened it to being told that “you’ve won the lottery, but I think someone else should be the one to give you millions of dollars.”

Finally there's a great post on Nathan Bransford blog. The Ten Commandments for a Happy Writer. I think I'll print it out and have it by my computer.


jessie said...

I like the idea of downloading from the brain at night. My best ideas come right between consciousness and unconsciousness. What did you decide on for your book title? Have you started querying yet?

JKB said...

I have a notebook and a pen right by the bed. That way I just roll over and write. It doesn't have to look like anything, and frequently it doesn't.


Patti said...

The title for my new project is "Defenders of Archgille". I only have a chapter written. I've extended my deadline until the end of this month for querying. One more go through.

JKB: I've done the notebook thing but it still doesn't seem to transfer. In my head I'm a brilliant writer, just like in my h ead I'm an awesome soccer player.

Dara said...

I too wish I could capture the voices in my head and put them on paper. Somehow though, much of it gets lost and it's not as brilliant once it's out of my brain :P

Oh and I've definitely printed off those Ten Commandments for the Happy Writer. They are now posted next to my computer :)