Monday, March 23, 2009


The euphoria you get from your own accomplishments almost pales in comparison to what I see my kids achieving.

This weekend we were quite busy with both sons playing in the provincial basketball tournament, which means all the best teams from the top two divisions compete to see who is the best.

Both boys had stellar Friday night games. Oldest son, won his game by 50, had 26 points and 11 assists, which is huge. Youngest son, Jake won first game by 6 and second game by 40.

The next day oldest son lost his first game but won his second and played for the bronze, which they ended up losing and finishing in 4th. It is still a major accomplishment as the town I live in only has 13,000 people and their competing against big cities.

The youngest son on the other hand won on Saturday and found himself in the gold medal game against a team they had already played twice in the regular season and lost. The game was close. No team ever led by more than 3 points. In the end we won the gold medal by one point.

Early in the week my soccer team won a game which put us in first place in our division and allows us to go to provincials but this was better. I was more way more excited for him.

It was a wonderful weekend all around, although not much writing got done. Back to it tonight.

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jessie said...

That's great that your family is so involved in sports...and you too. When your author's bio is published on the jacket of your bestseller, playing soccer should definitely be highlighted. I've had a recent break from writing, too. So I'm likewise ready to jump back in.