Monday, March 2, 2009

I've been tagged

I’ve been tagged to do a meme by Dara at In the Write Mind. I really can’t believe I’m saying those words. Three weeks ago I didn’t even know what that meant. I’m way behind on all this blogger/internet/whatever else you could call it, lingo.

This morning on my way to work I listened to an interview that talked about Twitter. I'd never even heard of this phenomenon. I looked on line and it appears to be is a social networking or micro-blogging service that allows its users to send and read other users' updates (known as tweets).

Do we really need to know this much about each other?

On that note I’ll answer this meme but I’m not sure who to pass it on to, so I’ll leave that part until later.

1. I’ve moved 15 times
2. Toast with peanut butter and honey is my favourite food. I could eat it for every meal
3. I like mountain biking, rock climbing and hiking but nothing to do with water.
4. I don't like salmon or those spinny rides at amusement parks.
5. I have 28 nieces and nephews (1 in-law niece and 1 in-law nephew)
6. I secretly love tv shows like Roswell, Buffy and Angel. I say secretly because nobody else I know shares my love so I keep it to myself. One of my favourite TV series is Firefly - Anyone notice that most of them are created by Joss Whedon. I also love Lost.
7. I play on a Classics Premier soccer team – yes I’ll admit that I’m over 35


jessie said...

Wow-15 times. Don't you live in Canada now? Did you ever live in the States? I watched the first season of Roswell with my sister so I am all about the hot aliens. I was thinking-does your MC have a lot of your likes and dislikes, or would you say you invented her completely independent of yourself?

Patti said...

I’ve lived in Canada my whole life. The fifteen times includes every move I’ve made since I was born until we bought our house.

I love Roswell, although there are a couple of weird episodes in season 3 but it ends on a good note. To show you just how juvenile I am, my third child was almost named Max, but it turned out she was a girl.

It’s an interesting question you posed about MC. I’m not sure I’ve thought about it in terms of likes or dislikes. I’m more about reactions and feelings in certain situations and yeah she probably does have some of my insecurities.

How is your book going?

Patti said...

Actually I moved ten times in the first seven years I was married. We've been in our house for almost eleven years now.

JKB said...

That is highly cool. Makes my moving seem more, well, normal.

I love peanut butter, too...pity we can't get any 'real' brands over here. I have some random 'Made in the USA' pb.


jessie said...

I wrote more of a book than I ever have written before and then I had another idea that I couldn't put to rest. (I think that is the theme of my blog.) So now I think I am working on two books, but I think my books hate each other.

Kiersten said...

I loved Angel, Buffy, and Roswell. Lost is awesome ; )