Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I wanna be a writer

When I was close to graduating from high school my dad sat me down and asked me what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.

Here’s how the conversation went:

“I want to be a writer.”

“Okay now what do you really want to be.”

I’ve always remembered this conversation. In fact it steered me away from following my dream. I don’t blame my dad (he was just trying to be realistic) but I didn’t have much confidence back then so I just assumed that I wouldn’t be able to do it.

I thought my dad had forgotten all about this talk we had but on Sunday at a family dinner we were talking about my book and my dad recounted our conversation verbatim. I asked my husband later why he thought my dad would bring it up now. He said that either he thinks it’s funny or he regrets it (he’s read my book). I hope it’s the latter.

It’s hard not to get down especially when you realize the chances of being published are so slim. I just read a post on Kirsten Nelson’s blog about timing which has me wondering what the future holds. I guess that’s why they say you should really love writing because it’s such a hard business.

So here are my five reasons why I love writing:

1. I love creating a story that I would like to read.
2. I love it when someone likes what I’ve written. It’s even better when they’ve chosen to read your book over sleeping.
3. I love that feeling you get when it clicks or when something comes to me just out of thin air.
4. I love getting so excited about a new story that I can’t stop thinking about it.
5. I love writing the words “The end” even though it never is.


JKB said...

HA! Mine did the same. Then I was in university and did it anyways. My husband asked me the same thing, but he believed me.

This is a great post. Do it because you love it and it will happen. I'm sure of it.

jessie said...

Patti-My dad was not a fan of the 'becoming a writer' dream, either. Which is part of the reason I became a nurse...first. I think you really summed it up with your five reasons for loving writing. We are definitely in it for the love.

Holly Kennedy said...

I was laughed at as a kid when I admitted I wanted to be an author. So... I went quiet. It never went away, though. Just grew bigger and bigger until I knew I had to do something about it.

Good for you, doing something about it. The rest will follow. You just have to have faith :)

Katie Alender said...

It sounds like you're coming at it from the right place. Honestly, unless you're one of the authors landing a six-figure deal, it is probably going to feel like you're doing it for love of the game most of the time even after you sell your book (if my experience is any indication).

Loving the process makes all the difference in the world.