Friday, April 24, 2009


Sometimes deadlines can be good. They force you to focus on the task at hand instead of thinking about a million other things you have to do.

We’ve lived in our house for eleven years and it is in serious need of some repair. We’ve been procrastinating fixing things for almost a year now but due to some issues with my son’s schooling we’re now thinking of moving. In fact we’ve been thinking about it for a few months but I still haven't done anything. Then my husband made an appointment to have our furnace cleaned. Now I have a deadline. I have to get all of the walls fixed and all the windowsills sanded before May 6 so that all of the dust will be cleaned up.

Now take into account that I work part time, my husband just had ankle surgery (he can’t walk for six weeks). Plus he can’t drive so I’ve been playing taxi to our three children. And I’m still trying to get the edits done on my book. I’m exhausted but still the deadline looms.

I have to say that I’ve risen to the challenge. My basement is in shambles. All of the furniture has been pushed into the centre of the room and there are white patches all over the walls waiting to be sanded down and re-plastered.

What can I learn from all this? Deadlines help or at least they help me. I need something or someone forcing me to get something done because deep down I’m really a procrastinator at heart. I’ve tried to make my own deadlines but they always come and go without me reaching my goal.

After I get my house painted I’m going to try and refocus on a deadline of June 1st to get all of my edits done. There I’ve said it here. June 1st is the date to be completely done. I hope you all hold me to it.


Holly Kennedy said...

I'll hold you to your self-imposed deadline, Patti.

As someone who's lived through many horrific writing deadlines with editors/publishers it'd be my pleasure! LOL

Patti said...

Thanks Holly. It appears that deadlines are the only thing that keeps me going.

Dara said...

I will hold you to it!

I know deadlines help me too, even though I need an "outside force" to impose them. If I do it myself, there's no guarantee I'll hold to it, sad as that may be.

I think that's why I'm able to do so much writing during NaNo. What I really need is someone to tell me that my book is to be done by said date and give me a reason WHY it needs to be done then. I think I don't stick to my own deadlines because I know there's really no consequence if I don't (except that the book isn't done).

Patti said...

Dara: I've never done the NaNo. I'll have to look into that. I'm a very deadline oriented person. I guess I work better or faster under pressure.

Jenni James said...

Hehehe! I feel the same as you. i work so much better under pressure! If I have a deline it's a total challenge for me and I'm so positive and convinced I'll be able to achieve it that I do. Great post! Jenni

Jessie Oliveros said...

I dare you! June 1st! You are so right about the deadlines. I work much more efficiently when pressured by an outside source. That's how I survived college.