Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Getting my house in order

I've neglected pretty much everything this summer and now I'm facing the consequences. I'm doing spring cleaning in August.

Monday I went through my boys rooms and took out everything they aren't wearing. Next will be the little knick knacks that litter their shelves. Next will be my daughters and my clothes. The pile in the storage room is growing. I'm on a "get rid of everything binge".

After that I need to clean every room, clean out our trailer and go pick some flooring. Yes, that's right we still need new flooring for the kitchen.

With so much to do I have had a hard time sitting down at the computer to write. I fell pangs of guilt when I try to edit because in my periphal vision all I can see are all the books I need to put away, the piles of filing I need to do, and the carpets that need cleaning.

I hope to have all the cleaning and organizing down by the end of next week, so that I can finally get back on schedule and do one more edit of my book before I start querying again.

How about you? Do you feel guilty writing when there are other things you need to do?


Aubrie said...

Sometimes the other things hand over my head like a rain cloud until I do them! Good for you for getting your cleaning done!

Laura Pauling said...

Yes. And sometimes I just have to dedicate time to cleaning. It's just part of life. I also feel mentally better when my house is clean.

Jennifer Shirk said...

Oh yeah. But I have to say, I took a lot of time off this summer to get situated with the house and now I'm so ready to write again!

Patti said...

Aubrie: Right now I feel like I'm in the middle of a hurricane.

Laura and Jennifer: I'm thinking that once everything is done, my mind will be free of clutter as well.

Robyn Campbell said...

I do feel guilty. And because of this, I cleaned out all the drawers in the kitchen and bedroom. Next up? My bathroom closet, the cabinet in the bedroom and saving the basement for last.

Spring cleaning in NC too, Patti. Oh, I forgot about the shelves in my office. *groan* Waaaaahaaaaa,

Dara said...

Yes. Especially as laundry remains unfolded and dishes remain dirty (alas I am the I long for the actual appliance :P)

I also tend to avoid my office because it's an utter disaster. My husband cringes everytime he walks by...probably a pretty good sign that I should clean it. But I don't...and more junk piles up and the room has inevitably become the junk room.

Patti said...

Robyn: There's always more to add to the list. I think I'll make a list and prioritize it.

Dara: I wish I had an office then I could just close the door, kind of like I do on my closet.

Jessie Oliveros said...

I feel guilty for writing instead of sleeping sometimes, because the next morning I'm not an awesome mother. Just an awesome zombie.

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Yes, yes, and yes! I have guilt when I blog/write and don't clean. I have guilt when I clean and don't blog. It's an ugly cycle. LOL. :-)

Heidi Willis said...

Always! But I know if something is really bugging me, I can't work well until it's done. And when the house is clean and organized, I do have better concentration.

So go you! Clean and organize and get rid of stuff!! Then come back. Your computer will still be waiting. :)

JKB said...

Oh yuck I know this only too well! And then I try and juggle a little baby and I feel like my head will explode!

(But honestly, I just wait until the weekend and clean then. Baby and book is more important than a little dust!)

Patti said...

Jessie: Yes, giving up sleep for writing can enduce a zombie like state.

Shannon: Hopefully we can at least get a break from the guilt cycle.

Heidi: I agree that my head feels a lot clearer and hopefully with the kids going back to school. My head will stay clearer for longer.

Jen: My babies are now teenagers and clothes are over running my house, but once in a while the mess remains while I write.

Christina Lee said...

Ughh I feel so exhausted just hearing about it!