Monday, April 27, 2009


I was in need of a change so I went to the Cutest Blog on the Block website and tried on a few templates. I picked this one because I'm thinking of painting a wall in my house green and I want to see if I like looking it.

When looking at all of the templates what I found interesting were the names.

This one is called "Stenciled in Time"

Others included:
I'm torn
Touch of Sweetness
Pieces of Heaven
Dainty Draft
Remember me red

and my personal favorite - Feelin' Lucky (I wanted this one but the template was down)

That would be quite the job; blog template namer. I can't quite decide which one would be more fun, elf sensor or blog namer.

What is the name of your blog template?


JKB said...

Bwah. You know, I don't even know?

But I like this one! Thanks for that link, sometimes I switch around too, and this site looks great!

giddymomof6 said...

Hahha! I love that site! Your blog is super cute. At the moment mine is called Sassy Dots. And I only know that because I've just changed it again! LOL! I'm all about change, I have to give it a different look or I'd go crazy. LOVE this! Jenni

Dara said...

Well, I'm on WordPress and I just used one of the dozens they had (I don't know how to go about and make my own; not that tech savvy). It's called "MistyLook." I chose it because I could put a custom picture in the header, and the red bridge picture was one I chose from an old photo of Meiji era Japan. It's rather plain and I'm thinking of looking at other ones but for now it works :) said... offers professional web templates, flash templates ,swish templates, dreamweaver templates, and other web design productsavailable for immediate download.

Patti said...

I'm all about change. Sassy Dots that's funny.

Thanks for all the suggestions in case I want another change.

Kasie West said...

You know, I had no idea what my background was called, so I went in search of it. First I searched by category, Polka Dots. Didn't find it there even though my background is full of polka dots. Then I looked under Floral. Wasn't there either. Finally, I went to All Backgrounds and looked there. Couldn't find it. So, either my background no longer exists or I'm blind. Knowing me, either one makes sense.

Shelli said...

I like this color! thanks for visting my blog ;)

Heidi said...

This is beautiful! I love the color, and the simplicity of it.

I love that website. I tried a few of theirs on for size and as much as I loved them, they didn't feel like me. Like clothes, eh? they can look gorgeous on someone else, but just not fit right on me. :)

Congrats on the change!