Monday, May 25, 2009


7 weeks ago my husband had reconstructive ankle surgery on an injury he's had since his collage basketball days. I won't say how long ago but his shorts were actually shorts. He's still hobbling around the house on crutches, not able to make diner, do dishes, vacuum or any other household chore, which has been a little stressful, especially when he couldn't drive.

Now I've either severely sprained or broken my wrist (I'll find out later today). During a soccer game I was going to head the ball on a corner kick and instead it connected with the top of my hand, bending it forward. Now I can barely move my fingers and have to type with one hand, which is very slow going.

My poor children, with two injured parents they have to help out a lot more by doing the dishes, cutting up food for dinner and folding socks. It also sucks because I'm only 3 chapters away from finishing my edits on my book before I go through one more time, reading it out loud, which is the true test. I'll still work on it but I'm sure I'm going to get carpal tunnel or someting on my right hand.

Anyway sorry for such whiny blog but I'm tired and in pain and my right hand already hurts.


JKB said...

Oh man! This is horrible!

I'm so sorry to hear it. I can invite you to join my pity party, if you'd like. I have a double ear infection. Then we can all be miserable together, and talk about writing! Whohoo!!

Patti said...

I'll join that pity party. I'll even bring the cookies. Boughten of course since I can't do anything.

Holly Kennedy said...

Ugh! This is no good, is it?
I hope it's just a severe sprain and not a break. There's just never a good time to break anything is there? I broke my left leg the year we moved here and six months later I broke my right foot. Both slowed me down considerably.... I'd offer to help w/your edits but I'm too far behind on my own novel to have that luxury.

Crossing my fingers for you it's just a sprain!!!!

Dara said...

I'm so sorry! I really hope it's just a sprain and that it heals quickly!

Heidi Willis said...

That really stinks all the way around! I hope you are mending quickly - you and your husband both!

Don't worry about whining... maybe if you do it loudly enough, the kids will step up another notch and do it all for you! :)

Anonymous said... get to play soccer? I'm so jealous. I played in an adult league for a bunch of years, but that has disbanded. Now I want to play again!

Sorry about your injury. Did they call you on a hand ball? :)

Patti said...

Diagnosis: Broken wrist, cast for 6 weeks. I'm not sure what's worse. That I can't play soccer or that it will be hard to type.

Patti said...

Strugglingwriter: I've played soccer for about 8 years and totally love it, so the broken wrist is alittle heartbreaking.

No I didn't get a hand ball, because I didn't svore. If I had then maybe the injury wuld have been worth it.

Anonymous said...

Sorry the bone is broken. That sounds very painful.

I played for twenty of my first twenty-five years, so it was hard for me to quit playing. I still get the itch sometimes.

Maybe I'll coach my daughter when she's old enough to play.