Thursday, February 11, 2010

I need some advice and randomness

So here's the problem. We're replacing our kitchen floor and we don't know what to put down. My husband wants tile, I'm leaning toward laminate.

My question is this: What kind of flooring do you have in your house and do you like it?

Now for the randomness:

There seems to be a lot of agents running contests. Do you ever enter these contests and what do you think of them?

Do you ever get so overwhelmed by all the advice out there that you just want to stop reading it?

Do you find that things sound a lot funnier in your head?

Don't you hate when the perfect word comes to you on like your tenth revision, making you wonder why you couldn't think of that word the first time?

Do ever get on a treadmill only to get off two minutes later because your so tired?

For the first time since Christmas none of our kids have games this weekend, and to be honest with you I'm a little disappointed. I guess I'll paint, write and sleep. That seems to be an ongoing theme for me. Maybe we'll go out on Saturday since it is the 19th anniversary of when me and my husband started dating.

I know it's not Friday, but since I usually don't post on Fridays, I hope you all have a good weekend.


Tina Lynn said...

We have tile and I love it! I've entered a couple of agent contests, but I'm retiring for now. I hate losing. I do get a bit overwhelmed. I like to take my advice from newly pubbed authors, because they are the ones that are in the know now. I can't say that I've ever found the perfect word or phrase the first time. The first draft always stinks (at least mine do). I never get on treadmills, so you are getting two more minutes of exercise than I am. Maybe this would be a good weekend to kick back and relax.

Jonathon Arntson said...

We have tile also and I cannot allow you to get laminate! The cost of tile far outways its convenience. It is easy to clean, repair, and it looks beautiful. There are MILLIONS of tile products, you can easily find some that fit right into your budget. Save even more and install them yourself, make it a weekend. I know it's a lot of time to take out of one's sched, but maybe it can become quality fam time.

Jody Hedlund said...

Sounds like a great weekend to me!! Sometimes life gets so busy that it's kinda nice to have a slow-down! Hope you enjoy it!

Carolyn V. said...

Hee hee, I did that treadmill thing YESTERDAY and then ate fudge for breakfast. I guess it's me rebelious side.

I have hardwood floors, tile and laminant. I love the hardwood and the tile looks beautiful. If I had to do my kitchen, I'd put in tile. *sigh* I really want to redo my kitchen. Good luck!

Kristi Faith said...

I have laminate, but I wish I had tile. LOL

Yes, I want to stop reading and writing some days.

Revisions always shock me and I wonder why I couldn't just write it that way the first time.

Catherine Denton said...

We have tile and I like it. "Funnier in my head" seems to be a theme with me. Have fun this weekend!
Winged Writer

K.M. Weiland said...

I have wood floors in my kitchen. They're beautiful, but they're not very practical. Spills and high traffic mean they get scuffed very quickly. The area in front of the fridge is battle scarred from all the bottles I've knocked off the shelves while pawing for some condiment that just had to be way at the back.

Melissa said...

I have hardwood flooring which I like except for the fact that you can see footprints all over it. But it's better than laminate. We had that in our last house and I hated it. Got scratches very easily and dirt really showed up on it. Wish I could get tile....

Well, I don't have a treadmill, but I'm going to get the Wii Fit plus. I heard that it really works.

Tamika: said...

It's funny how we get so accustomed to being busy, we don't know how to just be.

Enjoy the break- and happy anniversary!

Jen said...

I do the treadmill thing for sure!!!

I have tile and I love it... though standing on it for a length of time will hurt the bottoms of your feet so I suggest rugs! Also helps with the echoing!

Have a great weekend! Oh and the funnier in my head is something that frequently happens to me!

Dara said...

I have laminate but it'll get replaced when we redo our kitchen in another year...and hopefully get myself a dishwasher too!

Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the advice but then I just take a break from reading up on anything writing related for a day or two.

Tiffany Neal said...


And to the rest of your questions, YES!! :)

lotusgirl said...

I'd do tile. I have hardwoods in this house and there are so many issues--water leaks ruining them, special cleaning, shrinkage in the winter, swelling in the summer, splitting and splinters. If they'd been put in right there wouldn't be so many issues, but... If I end up having to replace the wood I may not put wood back down. I'm not sure what the hubby will think of that.

Jessie Oliveros said...

I always broke things on tile because I'm clumsy. Maybe you're not. Also, I don't like how the grout comes up from the tile. Laminate's nice.

laurel said...

I have terra cotta tile and despise it. It is cold. You get backaches standing too long on it. No dish ever survives falling on it. It makes the room very echo-prone, so food preparation seems like a horribly loud ordeal. The grout always looks gross.

There are some wonderful wood-lookalike laminates that are warmer, more spongy to walk on, sound absorbent and, well, kinder to dropped plates. I believe it's easier to install than tile, too. If I had oodles of money, I'd go for a cork floor. They feel so nice to walk on.

Jessica said...

I'd love to enter some agent contests, but so far none of them have included my genre. *crinkling nose*

We have tile floors. I personally love them, but it's true that the grout (esp. in the kitchen) gets stained. Also, things that fall, break. Besides that, I love the look of it. I don't think I'd like laminate, but since I've never had it, I don't know for sure.

Have fun choosing something out! And have a nice, relaxing weekend. :-)

Lisa Marie Miles said...

I'm a house cleaner and have been in hundreds of houses. My favorite floors (and the most popular, it seems)are tile and hardwoods/Pergo. Good luck!

Tabitha Bird said...

We have wooden floor boards and I love them. Easy to clean and they look good.

And yeah, I get overwhelmed by advise, comps, blogging etc... Then I remember just to focus on the words I am currently writing. The rest falls away. I write the words I have the best way I know how :)

Robyn Campbell said...

Patti, tile! Gotta be tile. It cleans in a snap. Hubby has to win this battle.

And I have entered some agent contests. But sadly nothing. Waaaaa

And DANG IT! Why can't that word come on first revision?

I don't have a treadmill. I do have an elliptical. DANG THAT MACHINE.

Happy weekend Patti. Have a fun anniversary celebration. =)

Anonymous said...

Tile all the way!!! If not tile, wooden floors. For cleanliness and classiness, there's NO other way!!!!!

Love my tile (kitchen, baths, utility) wood (everything else except brs thanks to budget-minded hubby)


Matt said...

Tile. Absolutely. Just watch the grout for stains, like when you spill a bottle of soy sauce. That stuff sticks.

I don't do the treadmill either. But I have a Wii fit. Sadly, it only works when you do it.

Karen Amanda Hooper said...

I have laminate and tile. I hate cleaning the tile cuz the grout looks dirty no matter what I do, but the dogs' paws slip on the laminate sometimes. Ha. That didn't help much, huh?

Ahh treadmills. I haven't been on in one in way too long.

Southpaw said...

I hate anything with grout. 'Cause like Karen said it's a bummer to clean.

Heidi Willis said...

I guess it's a sign of the times that I didn't even know there were agent contest going on. For a few years I did follow them, and enter a few, but I did occasionally feel overwhelmed and frustrated more than encouraged. So I stopped.

Thanks for the shout out about the book giveaway! I hope your weekend was relaxing!