Thursday, January 29, 2009


How do you know when your manuscript is ready? That’s the question I keep asking myself as I re-read chapters over and over again. How much editing is too much?

Right now when I finish editing a chapter my niece, whose almost 16, is reading it. Even when I think I’ve caught everything she’s pointing out a few errors (grammar, punctuation and one paste and copy mishap). I’m hoping for one more go through before I begin submitting, which is whole different worry. I suppose you could keep reading your book forever and find flaws in it. Plus it’s not like I won’t be doing a lot more editing if it ever gets published.

What I’m reading right now?

In the bedroom I have - "The Penny Tree" by Holly Kennedy
By my desk I have - "Alex and the Ironic Gentlemen" by Adrienne Kress
In the living room I have - "The White Bone" by Barbara Dowdry
In my purse I have - "So you want to be a wizard" by Diane Duane

Quite the variety. Recently on Nathan Bransford’s blog there was a question about writing different genres. I have to say I’m undecided about this because I like to read different genres and I have story ideas for other genres but I also see the need to establish yourself in one genre. I guess I’ll write the other stuff for fun.


Katie Alender said...

Hi, Patti! Thanks for linking to my blog.

As for knowing when something is finished, I think you have to go with (1) your gut and (2) your beta readers' guts. There is still a lot of room for revising once an editor gets involved! You'll be amazed what can change.

As for multiple genres, every time I get an idea that seems like a different genre/category, I stop and think of it as a YA novel and it always seems so much better! It might be fun to play with your ideas that way. Or maybe that's just my one-trick-ponyism. ;-)

Dara said...

I wish I could answer the question...but considering I'm still on my first draft, that's something I'll be encountering very soon (after these last pesky chapters are written).

Oh and thanks for linking to me! :)

Patti said...

My problem when I'm writing something new is that I have a tendency to go back and edit what I have and not write anymore. I really need to break that habit.