Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Setting: Driving highschool aged son home from school with eight year old daughter in the back seat.

Daughter: Can you give me some advice about highschool?

Son: Sure


Daughter: Okay, go.

Setting: Going to a wedding shower, daughter is wearing skinny jeans with black shoes that have a little bit of a heel.

Daughter: I'm pretty sure I look like I'm ten.

Have you overheard any interesting conversations lately?


Elaine AM Smith said...

So she was like sobbing so much I went to get her a drink from the kitchen and OMG my friend, my friend, was in there and she was laughing. Taking the piss. It was like hilarious that *** was on the floor of her room like sobbing. I like screamed at her because, like, you just would; wouldn't you?

Carolyn V. said...

Hee hee. Those are awesome. I'm always surprised at the conversations I hear when I drive carpool. Sometimes I laugh out loud. =)

Colene Murphy said...

those are fun! I need to start writing down conversations I hear.

Wendy Paine Miller said...

I was trying to teach my three girls about the word priority and somehow it got mixed up and now when we talk about priorities, the word coyote gets thrown in instead.

~ Wendy

Susan R. Mills said...

Gotta love kid speak! They come up with some great ones.

Jessica Nelson said...

Hahaaa! Love it. Yes, my preschooler and first grader are really interesting to listen too. So's my toddler.

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Those are priceless, Patti! Why can't I ever remember these things when I really want to?! :-)

Tina Lynn said...


Son: There is no real difference between mice and rats.

Daughter: Yes, there is. Rats have huge front teeth...like you.

Son: *gasp* My teeth take offense.

Laura Pauling said...

Fun, fun - it's hard to make fiction as interesting as real life!

Elana Johnson said...

That is awesome! I love the one with your son and daughter. And I'd really like to know what he told her!

My daughter is learning to read, and everything is "What does M-A-T-C-O small finger space T-O-O-L-S spell?" I love (like LOVE) that she says "small finger space" in between the words. Makes me smile every time.

Lynn said...

These are great. If I could be a thing it would be a park bench where so many conversations arise.

LTM said...

I have btw my 7 & 8 yr old girls, they're always having these types of conversations. Nothing's springing to mind at the moment, but yours are too cute~ :o)

Patti Lacy said...

Ohhhh, hope you write these in--guess they wouldn't be baby books, huh???

So priceless.

My son had a classic today.
Mom: Son, are you going anywhere tonight?
Son: No.
Mom: Oh, okay.
Son: I'm not going anywhere. But Bible study's coming here.