Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Random Tuesday that will be read on Wednesday

Last Saturday, as me and my 8 year old daughter drove home from shopping, she turns to me and says, "Mom, I'm hungry. I've been eating air and drinking spit all morning."

A conversation between me and my sons.

Me: I've been a bad influence on you guys. I've taught you to be pessimistic and a little judgmental.

Middle Son: You didn't teach us that, it's in our genes.

Me: If only, if only.


Do you ever find yourself sitting down at the end of the day exhausted, but wondering what you did all day long?


I don't speed, I just reach the speed limit faster than everyone else.


patti said...

Patti, God is using you IN EVERY MOMENT. He has plans for you beyond your wildest dreams.

We are studying Crazy Love at church.
I fell in love with God all over again via Jeremiah 1:6-9.

The God of the universe has that tenderness for us folk.

Blessings, dear one.
P.S. Have an author guest today. Would love to have you way hi if you have time.

Robyn Campbell said...

Patti, I agree with Lacy ^ above me. And your daughter will definitely be a writer. Love that, love that.

Everyday I know I did lots, but have trouble remembering. YIKES! It's not a sign of the dreaded *old age* is it??

Hugs to you Patti. Hey, let's take notes about what we do today. Wanna?? ;)

Patti said...

Patti: I'll have to look that scripture up.

Robyn: I'll take notes and let you know tomorrow.

Jessie Oliveros said...

That would be a great dieting tool: the Air and Spit Diet...guaranteed to work or your money back! Okay, I'm off to make a million dollars.

Carolyn V. said...

LOL! Those are just awesome. I love what your daughter said. How cute.