Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Short One

Since my post on Monday was long, I thought I'd just write a quick one today.

Here's some quotes I found, followed by my take.

"Anyone could write a novel, given six weeks, pen, paper, and no telephone or wife."

Evelyn Waugh

Now substitute wife with husband and children, pen and paper with laptop, no telephone with the internet and you might have something there.

"What creates a writer is huge, psychological dysfunction."

Kathy Lette

I used to firmly believe that I could never be a writer, because nothing interesting or psychologically bad ever happened to me.

"I was working on the proof of one of my poems all the morning and took out a comma. In the afternoon, I put it back in."

Oscar Wilde

Even the greats revise, even it it's just one comma at a time.

"Let other pens dwell on guilt and misery. I quit such odious subjects as soon as I can.'

Jane Austen

AMEN - but that's just me.

"Better to write twaddle, anything, than nothing at all."

Katherine Mansfield

Except replace the word twaddle with the word crap, and that's one of my favorite sayings. One I say over and over in my head as I'm writing a first draft, although I'm not entirely sure what twaddle means.

Okay maybe it wasn't as short as I thought it was going to be.


Tina Lynn said...

I love all of these, but especially the last. Okay...the last one ties with Jane Austen's quote. I'm a firm believer in happy endings, too.

Katie Ganshert said...

I love the Oscar Wilde quote! That's SO me when I revise. I think WAY too hard about every little thing. :)

Jessica Nelson said...

Oh my goodness, those are too funny! Love them. Thanks for the smile this morning. :-)

Jennifer Shirk said...

LOL!! That Oscar Wilde one cracked me up. Too true.

Wendy @ All in a Day's Thought said...

Oh, I like the word twaddle even though I also don't know exactly what it means either.
~ Wendy

Jody Hedlund said...

Great quotes!! They all hit home!

Susan R. Mills said...

I love the quotes! Thanks for sharing them.

Carolyn V. said...

I love quotes on writing! Thanks for sharing. =)

Tamika: said...

Loved the quotes! Especially the first one- after the wife revision to husband!

T. Anne said...

Great quotes! I agree with Jane, just write!!!!!! Twaddle and all ;)

Melissa said...

Nice quotes! I especially love the last one. I've made it my mission to embrace the crap I will write during the first draft. I must finish the first draft. Then I will layer in the good stuff.

patti said...

Patti, you are so absolutely fun.
Hmmm, love all the quotes, but especially Jane Austen's.


Kristen Torres-Toro said...

These are great! And so true!

Dawn Simon said...

Love the quotes! Thanks for sharing them with us, Patti! And OMG, you are so close to 100 followers! Yay!