Sunday, November 1, 2009


I've been pregnant three times. I've had morning sickness, gained weight, and craved all sorts of food. I went through labor twice and had three c-sections.

There are two guys in my office who are having their first child so I feel pretty confident about giving advice when they ask me about being pregnant, but I don't know anything about actually having a baby naturally. I can tell them about the challenges I had trying to recovery from c-sections, but that's about it.

I kind of feel like this with my journey into writing a book if I were to equate it to a pregnancy. I think I'm about to start my second trimester.

First Trimester:
I've written the book.
I've edited a book - many times.

Second Trimester:
I queried a couple of years ago, but not a lot - so I can give a little bit of advice.
Query Agents
Get an Agent.

Third Trimester:
Book deal.

I'm very excited to going through the whole thing, so I can give advice on it all.

What trimester are you in?


Candice said...

I guess I'm still first trimester, though I've seen a lot of friends go through the process. It's not the same as experiencing it for myself, but it is informative.

Tamika: said...

I'm in the first trimester. Battling nausea and pangs of uncertainity.


Jessie Oliveros said...

Your analogy has one glitch. Right now I can't breathe very well and bending over is not even an option. So I'm not sure about third trimester = book deal. Maybe afterbirth = book deal because you are drugged and happy. However, sick first trimester and the angst of writing a book are very good liknesses.

Chantele said...

Definitely done the first, so probably starting the 2nd Trimester.:)

Heidi Willis said...

What a great analogy.

I suppose my writing life, like my pregnancies, didn't go by the book!

I've done the first semester twice, started the second semester twice, and recently skipped to the third without finishing the second.

Is that like early labor?

Kasie West said...

Guess I'm entering the third. :)

And again, the award goes to Patti for being able to relate all life experiences to writing. You rock.

Susan R. Mills said...

Same place you are! We'll go through this pregnancy together. :)

lotusgirl said...

I'm going into the 2nd I suppose. Although I keep going back to the first.

Patti said...

Candice: I think we can definitely learn from other writers who have gone through the whole process, just like pregnancy, but I won't know it all until I go through it myself.

Chantele: Are you following your real life pregnancy?

Jessie: I agree, maybe we could add Post Pregnancy - Book launch. (All the hard work of giving birth is done, now you just have to nuture (market).

Patti said...

Tamika: funny how you go through the same symptoms

Heidi: It's good to see you're nearing the end. You'll be our advice guru.

Kasie: Thanks, I love that award.

Susan: I'm looking forward to it.

Lois: I think I've gone back to Trimester One more times than I care to mention.

Kristen Torres-Toro said...

Hey, Patti! Thanks for coming by Write in the Way! It's great to meet you!

I think I'm re-doing one. I seem to have gone back to edit for the millionth time, after querying and receiving the first round of rejections. :0)

Have a great day!

Patti said...

Kirsten: I was there a few years ago and am now heading out again.

jenniferneri said...

book wise: 2nd trimester.

physically: first trimester ending and will be entering second.

Both are loaded with nausea and anxiety


thanks for the giggle.

Patti said...

Jennifer: I didn't know, congrats

Heather Sunseri said...

Sounds like I'm about as far along as you are.

Thanks for popping by my blog. It's nice to meet you.

Patti said...

Heather: It's nice to have someone else in the same boat as me.

Jody Hedlund said...

Hi Patti!
I did a series of posts comparing writing to pregnancy and childbirth too! We really are birthing and laboring to bring forth our babies, aren't we!

Robyn Campbell said...

I'm in the second. And the first. Yikes! I must be really sick! :)

The agent query thing is really getting to me. The rejections. I HATE them! AAAARRRGGGHHH!

How'd you ever get through it? I'm glad to know that one lives through it. I was beginning to think it would KILL me.

Great post. Thanks for visiting me, commenting on my awful day and following. Love your blog! :)

Patti said...

Jody: I remembering reading those, that's probably where I got the idea for this post.

Robyn: We all have days like that and that's what these blogs are good for, talking us off the ledges. After my first set of rejections, I went back to the drawing board and focused more on writing.

Karen said...

Definitely still in the first. Still working on a novel that is taking longer than I thought it would.

Of course, taking a break to do NaNoWriMo isn't helping! But it's what I feel like I need to do right now.

K.M. Weiland said...

I've never been pregnant, but I can see how the analogy fits - complete with morning sickness and everything!

lauraabest said...

When you out it like that I guess I've just given birth. Great analogy...It made me smile.

Jessica said...

Hi Patti,
I'd say I'm in the second. :-)
Thank you for stopping by my blog the other day! I'm sorry it took so long to repay the visit.
It looks like you have a great blog going on here!

Patti said...

Karen: Enjoy the first trimester, even though its hard and you feel a little sick.

KM: I think I've felt sick every time I open a chapter to re-edit.

Jessica: Thanks for coming over. I really enjoy your blog.