Monday, June 8, 2009

A Writer's Diet.

I have come to the horrible conclusion that the dryer is not shrinking all of my clothes.

I’ve been living in denial for a while but I can deny it no longer. I have gained weight.
Having a broken wrist has put a serious damper on my exercise regiment but unfortunately it hasn’t diminished my appetite so I’ve put on a few pounds in the last two weeks.

So starting today I have renewed my effort to keep myself in shape. Here’s my plan, every time I think about eating more than I should, I’ll go to my computer or notebook and write until that feeling goes away. This way I’ll slim down and get some writing done.

I’ll also try to you know...exercise. Since I can’t run (yet) I’ll walk and ride the stationary bike. I know that sounds really exciting.

So my hope is to be five pounds down and four chapters written by the end of June.

If this works I may have to write a diet book next.


giddymomof6 said...

Wahooo! I'll buy it! LOL! I need to rethink this whole writing-pound gaining thing anyway. I've completely blamed my extra poundage from doing nothing but eating and writing the past year, so since I dont' plan to stop writing, I need to rethink how I do it! LOL! Let me know if it works! Jenni

JKB said...

Probably would have more sense in it than some of those other 'diet' books.

Good luck with the weight and the writing. :-)

strugglingwriter said...

That's a good strategy for getting some more writing done and losing weight. Good luck!