Monday, June 15, 2009

Good News!!!

I usually don't put up a post 2x in one day but I went to the doctor and I get my cast off on Wednesday. I know that's early but my arm has been going numb inside the cast for about a week so she thought I could get it off and just wear a splint.

I still can't play soccer but I'm hoping, (keep your fingers crossed) that I'll be able to type without my arm going to sleep.

If you read my post before this one. I talked about settling for a mediocre sentence and I think that's stemming from the fact that typing is difficult right now. Hopefully all goes well and I'll be a typing machine again and I'll be back to editing with renewed vigor to make it the best I can make it.


strugglingwriter said...

Great news! Don't worry, though. You'll get back on the pitch soon enough.

Holly Kennedy said...

Congrats, Patti! I hope you're able to use it fully soon and that all the pain and numbing fades to a distant memory

Jessie Oliveros said...

Yea! I'm sorry you've had a broken wrist. Why couldn't it be a broken something that you don't need to type with? Like a collarbone or a spine?