Monday, April 6, 2009

Hours in a Week

So last week I decided to keep track of how much time I'm actually spending on the editing process, (since I'm not writing anything new).

Monday: 2 hours
Tuesday: 1 hour
Wednesday: 3 hours (I was slow at work)
Thursday: 3 hours (slow day at work as well)
Friday: 1 hour
Saturday: 30 min.
Sunday: nothing

10.5 hours, not bad for me but I could probably stand to put some more time in. I'm on chapter 10 of 24 in my editing. Then I'm going to leave it for a while and read one more time. Not sure when I'm going to submit. I'm not sure I can make it good enough by May so I might wait until September. Patience is something I'm definitely learning.

Anyway how many hours a week do you write?


Katie Alender said...

For me, it varies a lot. If I'm subconsciously trying to avoid doing work, for whatever reason (usually because I feel stuck on something), I can sit at the computer for 20 hours and get 3 hours of writing done. If I'm on a roll, I can sit at the computer for 40 hours and get 30 hours of writing done!

Dara said...

Not nearly as many as I should. Maybe 4 or 5, though I am trying to increase that.

JKB said...

I get in about 2 hours a day, in the week. The hubsie threw a fit when I tried to write on the weekend, so I get in a little bit here and there, like crack.

I judge my time in words, though, and I won't stop before I crank out 2k a day.

jessie said...

Hmmm, definitely not as many hours as I would like! The thing is that as a writer you also have to make time for reading and blogging, and that cuts into writing. I usually get most of my writing done late into the night.

Anonymous said...


Congratulations on being chosen one of the Top 10 Young Adult Fictional writers in Canada. Your prose is a godsend to all of us. Thousands of children are reading now thanks to your intricate plots, spellbinding themes of heroism and courage, and your ability to weave rich, believable stories out of your characters.

Look forward to reading your new work this year.

Bless you my fair child.

The Lethbridge Association of Serendipidious Family Members-Local Toly Chapter

Patti said...

Thank you Toly family for your overly gratuitous fictional praise. You are a beacon of light on the stormy seas.

Heidi said...

these days it's more like how long do I stare at the computer screen before I decide I might as well fold the laundry.